Agios Georgios Beach in Corfu - Greece

Greece Corfu - Greece

Greece is a miracle country that offers beauties and attractions to anyone who wishes to enjoy them. When you first get to this magnificent country you realize that the Gods of Olympus weren’t just part of a legend. They really left their tracks all around the place. Historical and cultural sites, rocky mountains and forests, all these attract millions of visitors every year. But, Greece is widely known for its islands. Maybe one of the most famous Greek islands is Corfu. Featuring breathtaking sights, amazing people and nice and comfortable hotels, you’ll never want to leave this island.

This beautiful spot is situated in the Ionian Sea and is one of the largest islands from the Ionian group. The biggest town on the isle is also called Corfu. This place has a very rich history, strongly associated with the entire history of Greece. The Greek name of the island (Korkyra or Kerkyra) reminds the people about the great god of the sea, Poseidon. Legends say that Poseidon fell for the nymph Korkyra, kidnapped her and took her to an unknown island. When he married her, he gave the place her name. This story attracts all the romantic persons that come here to spend their honey moon.

Situated on the west coast, Corfu welcomes its visitors with warmth, sun and smiley faces. People come here especially for the beautiful sandy beaches, the bays and the calm sea. One single day on the beach can free you from all the stress and problems. Make sure you lodge at the Grecotel Eva Palace Hotel in Corfu and esteem ultimate composure. This peaceful island is the perfect oasis for those who are tired of all the crowd, noise and dust from the big cities. While taking a sun bath you can also admire the rocky hills that guard the sea.

But the seaside isn’t the only sight that Corfu has to offer. Go into the city and the villages and you will discover a wide range of traditions, customs and cultures. You must try the local and savory cuisine, the traditional ouzo and the tasty olives of Corfu. Inside the town and in the surroundings there are several ancient castles, byzantine and orthodox churches, fortresses, archaeological monuments and museums that wait for you to discover their secrets. Also, you can go sightseeing on the Pantokratoras Mountain. It will offer you a panoramic and impressive view over the sea and all of the islands that surround Corfu: Mathraki, Othoni and Erikousa. On a clear and sunny day, that it is almost every day in Corfu, you can the coast of Albania and they say it is also possible to see the coast of Italy.

Corfu, this green World Heritage spot, will also take care of your entertainment, providing many bars, restaurants and clubs for fun lovers. A luxurious hotel in Corfu, great food and the best company will additionally help you enjoy an exquisite vacation. No matter why you choose to come to this wonderful island, one thing’s for sure: you will definitely want to come back next year! 

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