Santorini - Greece

 Santorini - Greece

who wouldn’t like to live all their life in a small and cozy house near the beach, having sun and warm temperatures more than 6 months a year? Who wouldn’t like to wake up in the smell of the salty sea in a cozy bed of a nice hotel in Santorini and then watch the sunrise from the beach? Well, some people do experience this feeling every day. What you can do, if you don’t intend to buy a house at the seaside, is choose a warm and exotic holiday destination. I did so and went in my summer vacation to Santorini, in Greece. Before leaving home though, I booked a room at a nice hotel in Santorini in order to be sure I have a comfortable place to stay during my sojourn there. 

Santorini is a volcanic island, part of the Cyclades group, situated near two other islands, Anafi and Ios. Located right in the core of the Aegean Sea, this gorgeous place conquers everyone’s heart with its beauty. I was amazed by the entire view of the island. I liked the town of Thira with its rich history and the spectacular sunsets that I could see in Oia town. Also, it was the very first time that I saw a truly active volcano. I was impressed and I had a slightly feeling of vanity in front of the immensity and power of the nature. Visiting that area I found out that Santorini was actually formed after a big volcanic explosion that ruined all the old settlements. Even nowadays, it is still the most active volcanic spot in the Aegean Sea. That’s what makes this island so unique. Another interesting thing about the island is that here took place one of the biggest and most destructive volcanic eruptions in history. It is called Minoan or Thera eruption and happened three millennia ago. It entirely destroyed the Minoan civilization, causing a huge tsunami. 

After this useful history lesson, I continued my trip in Santorini and went to visit the lagoon. With its blue and clear water it was the perfect place for a relaxing and peaceful bath. This lagoon is also the home for all Santorini’s harbours. That gives it a very picturesque look. Of course, I couldn’t leave Santorini without seeing its natural and incredible beaches. I took some days to see all of them and enjoy their facilities. I had some sun bathing on Perissa, a gorgeous beach with fine and with sand. After that I was surprised by the variety of beaches of different colors in Kamari (red beach, with beach and black pebble beach). Also, I hired a guide to take me to the unpopulated islands of Santorini: Palaia Kameni, Nea Kameni, Christiana and Aspronisi, where I enjoyed the wildlife. I left my room from the hotel in Santorini thinking that I will surely come back some day. 

Visiting Santorini brought me a lot of peace and relaxation, that’s why I recommend it to everyone seeking it for these values that represent real treasures in this stressful world. 

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