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located off the west coast of Greece in the Ionian Sea, Zakynthos is the third largest island and named after Zacynthos, son of a legendary Arcadian chief Dardanos. Zakynthos, also called Zante, is what you may call the calm version of Ios and Kos with party, and a livelier version of Rhodes and Crete with families. It has the moderate characteristics of both worlds combined with its own unique charm making it one of the Greece most favored tourist destinations.

The Venetians, early conquerors of Zakynthos, called the island, Flower of the Levant, because of the myriad of colorful flowers that bloom over lush green hills between the months of March to June. This is the best time to visit Zakynthos as influx of tourists is low on Easter holidays. This is also the best time of the year to see the magnificent white cliffs towards Keri. Another natural attraction in the island are the Blue Caves, a series of natural formations that created a seascape of arches over deep blue waters. Most hotels in Zakynthos offer guided tours to three different locations where Blue Caves are found. The best site is at Cape Skinari on the northern tip of the island where you can also get a panoramic view of the sea and visit some ruins nearby.

If you are looking for a resort hotel in Zakynthos, then it’s time to head for the beaches. One of the best beaches in the island is Agios Nikolaos beach on the south eastern peninsula where you can enjoy diving, jet skiing or simply relaxing on a sun lounger sipping your cool drink. You can also hit two birds with one stone and get a good tan on a long stretch of beach between two resorts Alikes and Alykanas from which a kilometer walk will lead you through “Old” Alykanas village to the tranquil Xehoriati Beach with fine sand, beautiful views across Peloponnese and Kefalonia, ideal for safe swimming and snorkeling. While here, sample the food served by two restaurants offering lunch and dinner for the day. There is also a mini market not far from the beach for snacks, drinks and other essentials. Other beaches you may want to check out are Dafni, Vassilikos within a marine reserve, Gerakas where the loggerhead turtles are nesting, Kalamaki to Laganas with long uninterrupted sandy beach that runs between the two resorts and Tsilivi, a family resort with a long and wide sandy beach and all the amenities you expect from a resort. Laganas is the "party" town on the island. The main street is almost entirely lined with bars, nightclubs and fast food outlets. It is a popular hangout for young travelers.

Zakynthos Town, the capital, if you are into Greek modern history, or just may be interested in a little bit of Zakynthos culture, visit the Dionysios Solomos museum dedicated to the national poet of the Greeks, who wrote the nation's national anthem.

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Louis Zante Beach Hotel

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