Corfu - Greece

Greece Corfu - Greece

is one of the most popular destinations in Greece thanks to its rich blend of charm, character and natural beauty. The island is covered with olive trees, cypress, orange and lemon groves and in many areas are the green hills literally plummeting straight in to blue sea. The inland and mountains of Corfu are dotted with traditional small Greek villages where the everyday life carries on almost untouched by today’s stress and modernization.

The coastline, that is more than 200 km, has plenty of beaches and there is an excellent variety of beach resorts and accommodations to choose between. Corfu has been ruled and influenced by many and the most obvious evidence of that is Corfu Town where the old parts architectural character is strongly influenced by the Italian-Venetian style and is today an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

There is a wide variety of other activities and attractions available; Golf (18 hole, Par 72 course), Horse riding, Aqualand (one of the most amazing and adventurous water parks in Europe), Mountain Bike, Scuba Diving and Museums. More about Corfu...

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