Stockholm - Sweden

Sweden Stockholm - Sweden

for some, northern countries like Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark are faraway and cold places, representing a challenge that they are not sure whether to take or not. For other, Scandinavia is a real paradise. I tend to agree with the second group, because when you get way up high in the north it’s like you arriving in a whole different world. The warm and amazing people will certainly help you have an incredible vacation; when we visited the northern city, we’ve decided to stay at the Hotel Rival in Stockholm because it had the best reviews and we’ve heard so much about that hotel.

People up there don’t welcome you with cold as you may imagine, but with breath-taking landscapes and smiley faces. One of the most important places in Scandinavia is Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. You might expect encountering a crowded, noisy and dusty city, but you will see exactly the opposite: a warm, calm, silent and clean metropolis. That is mainly because the Swedish people are extremely civilized. Stockholm is actually a group of 14 islands on the Lake Mälaren, right near the Baltic Sea, linked together by 50 bridges. This made people name the city “Venice of the North”. All this original composition offers a great view for all the visitors. Also, you will be impressed by the mixture between modern and old architecture, present and history, industrialization and the large amount of green spaces. The city is very dynamic, without being tiring, and it offers many attractions and activities. Stockholm is, maybe, the greenest and the freshest city in Europe and 30% of its area is covered with parks and all sorts of green regions and another 30% consists of water. So, you can say that this is really the perfect place to live. Another nice hotel in Stockholm is Elite Hotel Stockholm Plaza because it’s so architectural and at the same time filled with modern amenities.

When you get in Stockholm, all tourist information guides will lead you to the Parliament called Riksdag, the Swedish Government and the residence of the Swedish Monarchy (the Royal Palace of Stockholm). I can say that these are the three main attractions. But they represent just the beginning of your journey. Next you must see the charming Gamla Stan, Stockholm’s Old Town, where you can find many of the historical buildings.

The city has a long history, being established somewhere between 1187 and 1250. Since then, Stockholm has been an economic, cultural, political and media center of Sweden, making the country one of the most civilized and wealthy in the world. Also, we cannot forget that here people have one of the highest quality of life from the entire globe. So, for an extraordinary, unique and fresh experience go visit the incredible northern city, lodge in a nice hotel in Stockholm and have a great time with your loved ones.

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